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About Us

Our goal at AZ Health Supply is to Research, Design, Develop and Manufacture as many products as possible here in the U.S.


Our facilities are located in:

      Tempe, Arizona

      Eloy, Arizona

      Oceanside, California



With an experienced local team of Engineers, Scientists and CEOs; AZ Health Supply is helping our medical and health industries to once again shift toward American made supplies in order to support jobs, preserve quality and also lessen our dependence on foreign imports.


COVID-19 Update:

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Americans were facing a shortage of many supplies imported from overseas. Here at AZ Health Supply, we decided to step in and expand our facilities in order to make sure every American has access to the much needed health and medical supplies.

AZ Health Supply is establishing and expanding it's facilities everyday in order to meet the demand.





We are committed to a NO-EXPORT policy for any product in short supply within the U.S. This includes any pandemic or disaster, regardless of the substantial financial losses this policy may bring us.



If you cannot find our products in your local store or through distributors please call our Pandemic Hotline at: +1.833.294.3258 Extension #126 and our dedicated sales team will be able to provide you with direct access to our supplies.*

*Pandemic Hotline is assigned to U.S. customers with a valid U.S. address only.


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